Chef 'Papa Kazmi' welcomes you :) 

✓  For people who want to discover something new. Experience the unique cuisine of chef Papa Kazmi. A combination of the authentic Indian and Western kitchen. 

✓ Also for people with special diets. For us, not a single diet is special.

✓ For people who enjoy healthy, fresh & homemade food. Everything is. Just look at the Biryani (with brown basmati, veggies and nuts), the raw cacao bar (made with 7 superfoods) and the iced tea. 

✓ As crazy as you like. Stop by for a quick meal, or enjoy a relaxing long diner. 

✓ We serve organic wine, (Indian) beer and cocktails with fresh pressed juice.  

They serve healthy AND tasty food.
— Priscilla van Es

Only for a 'real' unique experience. Better go somewhere else when

X You are addicted to soda's. For us, this is way too much sugar and E-numbers. Just try a homemade cooler, iced tea or lemonade. 

X You are scared of the unknown. From the outside, you cannot tell we are a restaurant, since we are located in a former (famous) bakery. Do you have the guts to come in?

X You prefer the usual (boring) stuff. We serve a lot of dishes you won't find anywhere else. Even for the usual dishes, we aim to make it special. 

X You eat unhealthy stuff and you don't have a problem with that. Frying? No idea what that is.

X You value price more than value. Everything is fresh and homemade. Not expensive, but certainly not cheap


Priscilla van Es (27) 

Remedial teacher, The Hague

'Quallity above quantity; something I firmly believe in. It is something I share with Hills & Mills. All the ingredients are carefully selected. You can just taste it in the dishes and drinks. I love to go there on my bike. To try a new smoothie. Or just to enjoy. Regularly, I take my friiends here to enjoy together. Because one thing is for sure: Hills knows what a pure and honest lifestyle is. It never gets boring!'

Are you curious about how it all started?