A special diet is actually not so special anymore. In practical every network you'll find someone who is a vegetarian, eats vegan, avoids gluten, or is allergic to lactose. Because we work on a small scale, we have a greater opportunity to grant your wishes than other restaurants.


We cater to dietary wishes

  • Homemade: >90%
  • E-number free: >85%
  • Lactose free: >80%
  • Gluten free >70% 
  • Sugar free: >70%
  • Veggie: >70%
  • Vegan: >60%
  • Organic: >50%
  • Nut free: >50%
  • Paleo: >30%
  • Raw: >10%
  • Low carb: on request
  • Halal: everything except the beef sandwich

In case your diet is not on the list, challenge us in an e-mail.

Which products are organic?

Our menu changes regularly, but here is the most recent list with organic products. Papa Kazmi goes to the market for fresh fruit and vegetables 4 times per week, and there, the supply of organic depends on the day.

  1. Acai-berries
  2. Acerola
  3. Agave nectar
  4. Amarantg
  5. Aronia
  6. Buckwheat (flour)
  7. Cacoa (raw)
  8. Chia seeds
  9. Millet
  10. Goji-berries
  11. Hemp seeds
  12. Honey
  13. Iced tea
  14. Jam
  15. Chickpea (flour)
  16. Coffee(60%)
  17. Coconut blossom sugar
  18. Coconut
  19. Coconut chips
  20. Coconut flour
  21. Coconut oil
  22. Coconut shavings
  23. Linseed
  24. Poppy 
  25. Corn flour
  26. Mango
  27. Mangosteen
  28. Milk
  29. Melon
  30. Muesli
  31. Naan
  32. Nuts
  33. Papaya
  34. Pumpkin seeds
  35. Raisins
  36. Sesame
  37. Spelt flour
  38. Spelt bread
  39. Flour
  40. Tea
  41. Whole wheat flour
  42. Yogurt
  43. Wakame bread
  44. Sunflour seeds

Top 3 diet friendly items

  1. The raw cacoa brownie. Our famous pie made with only (6!) superfoods: Raw cacao, walnuts, dates, avocado, coconut oil and honey (you may order a whole pie as well).
  2. The quinoa arrabiata. Our spicy and gluten free variant of the famous Italians pasta. With shrimps, without gluten and lactose. (You may order it with extra vegetables or chicken in stead of shrimps).
  3. The cappuccino. You may choose normal, soy-, almond- or coconut milk.

'Feel good food'

'You should try the naan!'

Source: Jamie Magazine

'Halal diner'

Do you eat Halal? Then you are more than welcome! TV West News shows you how we eat when the sun goes down in the Ramadan. 


Story of an appreciated fan

Alice van der Veen


pedagogue from Rijswijk

‘Small scale & guest centered


If I could, I would be at Hills every day. To work on my laptop or to have lunch. As  gluten allergic, Hills is one of the few spots where I can eat. At Hills, people are keen to listen to your wishes. And they don't only listen, they also take action!

Yes, I want a worry free meal. 

Nan veggie!


Hestia Zinsmeister (19)

student from Delft, team member of Hills, flexitarian

'My first job at a supermarket with ideals was a bummer. In practice, things didn't go as promised. Hills & Mills proofs it is possible to pursue a greater goal. 

For me, conscious eating means a lot of variety. After 8 years of being a vegetarian, I know am a flexitarian. 

Since my dad started eating gluten free, I am more aware of the different diets. It became clear to me that the choices for people with diets are limited. At Hills, we do things differently, which I think is great. It feels good to surprise people with this and to make them happy.

The things at Hills which delight me the most are the connection with guests and the 'styling' of dishes. Next to the delicious food of Papa Kazmi, of course!


Vegan hotspot

Vegan experts 'The Green Girls' are enthusiastic:

'We can only call a place a hotspot if there is good vegan food. It is a must for us as well as our readers! Hills & Mills gets an A+. Not only when you are vegan, also if you are allergic to gluten, nuts or lactose. No problem, they take care of you!



Hans Gilissen (57)

major of Venray

'It was great to eat at Hills & Mills. Compliments to the chef for the amazing service. Healthy food, for 'normal' guests as well as guests with diets.' Recommendation on  Facebook (in Dutch).


Marinka Bil from EetPaleo.nl

'Hills & Mills gets an A+ for good Paleo food!'


At the top of Delft according to 6 indepentent platforms