Healthy & customized

For lunches for groups of 7 persons or more, we have special options. We work on a small scale and with fresh products. This requires extra preparation, especially for groups.  What you could expect:

DIY menu or buffet.

✓ A lot of possibilities. Also next to the regular menu. 

✓ Popular for people with 'difficult' eaters. No worries, not one diet is special these days. In every family or network, there is someone with special dietary wishes. The aunt who eats nothing. The sister who eats healthy and low carb. Or the cousin who eats lactose- and gluten free. We take it as a challenge to make everbody happy. :).

✓ We have 3 standard lunch options. The 4th option is DIY. In this case, you choose your dishes and drinks.


spelt sandwiches

quinoa salad
chickpea salad
fruit salad
nan triangles w/ dips
soup of the day

pie of the day
carrot cake

pineapple coconut juice
orange juice
mango lassi
(sparkling) water


spelt sandwiches

quinoa salad
chickpea salad
fruit salad

pie of the day
carrot cake

pineapple coconut juice
orange juice
mango lassi
(sparkling) water




spelt sandwiches

soup of the day

pineapple coconut juice
orange juice
(sparkling) water

recensie 4.png



mini sourdough spelt with sunflour seeds

3 per item

smoked salmon
chicken w/ tomato chutney
grilled veggie

samosa lentils (3,50)
samosa meat (3,50)


Papa Kazmi's fresh baked whole wheat flat bread

chicken avocado (10)
burger (12)
chickpea avocado (9,50)
pizza (8)
shrimps (12)
triangles w/ 3 dips (4,50)

Soups & Small salads

tasty  & airy

quinoa salad (6)
chickpea salad (4)
lentil salad (5)
gazpacho (5)
lentil soup (5)
soup of the day (5)



big shrimp (12,50)
veggie burger (11)
chicken (11)


healthy & delicious

carrot cake (4,50)
raw brownie (5)
banana bread (4)
fruit salad (5)


in concert, an arrangement is possible, other wise, you may order from the regular menu 


→ Lunch with 6 or less? Check the regular lunch menu


Request my lunch

We aim to respond within 24 hours. In case your event is sooner, or you didn't hear from us, please call to 015 212 39 30.

Do you already know which option you prefer? Or do you want more info? Just let us know.
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